Why us?

KryptoTech is a company pioneer in innovation, development of applications and projects based on blockchain technology.
The excellent results of this technology is increasing the demand of cryptocurrencies and smartcontracts and placing them as the best applications in all sectors, particularly in the financial sector.


We create custom cryptocurrencies with added values, functional and secure, and develop advanced applications for using them.

Banks and financial

We offer Fintech specific solutions for banks, brokers and other financial institutions based on the most advanced blockchain technology.

Smart contracts

Smart Contracts provide more security than traditional legal contract making them self-executables by a computer protocol.

Online security

Your concern about online security should be extreme. We have the best international experts, now available to your company.

Payment solutions

Innovative and instantaneous low cost payment systems, contact us and we will make a customized study without obligation.


The spread of the advantages of using cryptocurrencies is part of our commitment, and training is the best channel.

The right technology

In such a new sector is essential to choose the right technology partner and Krypto Tech has all the guarantees your company needs:

  • Main office in the European Economic Community.
  • An excellent team of professionals.
  • Proven experience in the sector.
  • Advice without obligation.
  • Customer services department.
  • Security servers.

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The Team

Our company works with the best technology partners in important areas such as access control or identity verification to ensure the best results.
We do the same when we select our staff: look for the bests.
And the results are encouraging us to follow this same path, building an international team that is growing every day.


Salvatore D'Arco

Managing Director and
Financial Controller.

Luke Williams

Cryptography expert in
blockchain applications.

Rubén Arcas

International business manager.
Sales and development.

Younes Elghnimi

Registry office
Technical support

Javier Romay

Full stack developer.
Mobile applications programmer.

Fran Cruz

Java analyst and programmer.
Full stack developer.

Manuel Escacena

Creative Director.
Marketing & multimedia.

Alex Sterk

Blockchain Technology

Daniel Contreras

Java analyst and programmer.
MEAN Stack Developer.

Daria Krivoborskaia

Technical support.
Customer relationship.

Alejandro Guerra

Java analyst and programmer.
MEAN Stack Developer.

Alejandro Páez

Java analyst and programmer.
MEAN Stack Developer.

The everydays

Impossibles fixed

Lines of code changing

New ideas

Cup of coffees

Now working on...

IF Platform

The system for all users of cryptocoins.

  • Payment tools for e-money.
  • Bitcoin ready using IF application.
  • Always connected. Worldwide connected.
IF platform

In the media

The world is getting to know us little by little.

Development phases

  • Briefing


  • Production plan


  • Coding & Design


  • Implementation & Delivery


Working with the best

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